‚ÄčThe investment process should be thorough, accessible and understandable. 

Nobscot Investment Management LLC


Nobscot Investment Management LLC     572 Washington Street, Suite 4     Wellesley, MA 02482     (781) 237-2700

Portfolios are managed to reflect client objectives, which incorporate risk tolerance, time horizon, suitability and investor preferences. Nobscot  invests with a long-term investment horizon, seeking to balance stability, income and growth potential. Disciplined allocation across asset classes, regions, sectors and securities is employed to help reduce risk. Portfolio holdings may include selected individual stocks as well as broadly diversified equity and fixed income mutual funds, with exposures and weightings based upon objective.

While long-term themes guide investment direction, security selection is driven by in-depth fundamental research. Positions and exposures are monitored to insure the consistency of investment application and risk exposures.